Red Shoe Day is the largest volunteer-driven fundraiser for San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House. We’ll have 1,500 volunteers at key intersections during morning drive time, encouraging commuters to put their spare dollars and change in Ronald’s big red shoes.
Guild employees volunteered their time to work the intersection on Balboa in San Diego.  They donned their Ronald MacDonald t-shirts, some colorful costumes, hair, red noses and red shoes to help raise money to support Ronald McDonald charities.   
The team was excited to have raised $1,482.67 at the intersection and $2,167.67 with online donations.  
All in all, they ranked 16th out of 108 teams and plan to sign up again in 2019. Congratulations, nice job!!
Team members:  Marian Johnston, Susana Morales, Debra Stillwell, Stephen Mikolajczak, Irene Kelley,Debra Zullo, Colleen Mceachern, Julie Dolled, Pablo Caballero, Corinne Gibboney, Chris Ichihara, Kevin Biddick, Shaun Leyton, Asli Plunkett, Kristin Koeleman, Debbie McLaughlin, Elaura Ambroziak, Jordyn Germoles, Tony Huynh, Tamara Todd and Lindsay Thoke
Photo by:  Laura Middlebrook