October’s professional clothing drive was a huge success! Thanks to contributions coming from across the region, we were able to collect over 350 articles of professional clothing to be donated to Volunteers of America Oregon’s ongoing effort to help those struggling to turn their lives around. These clothes are vital for Volunteers of America’s various training programs, providing those looking to re-enter the workforce with the clothing that allows them give the best first impression at job interviews. Your contributions helped someone put their best foot forward with self-confidence.

Here’s a tally of what was collected:


Pants 52, skirts, 2

Blouses, 53

Blazers/cardigans, 27

Sweaters/knits, 71

Suits, 5

Accessories/shoes, 36

Dresses, 6


Pants, 7

Shirts, 29

Suits, 7

Blazers, 7

Ties, 45

Socks, 8

Shoes, 3

Thank you to everyone who participated!