Left to right: Ayla Loyd, Ken Loyd, Holly Nelson, Brian Jorgensen, Dena Jorgensen, Kevin Fenn, Marianne Fenn and Ed Dreski

In December 2017, volunteers representing the Salt Lake Ops Center helped at the Utah Food Bank. We sorted through a massive amount of food donations, and we only broke about a half dozen bottles! Last year, the food bank distributed 32.7 million meals to those in need. We are so excited to work with them again in the future, and are thankful to be able to help make a positive impact on those in our communities struggling with food insecurity.

Volunteer, Ken Loyd, says, “It was a great experience. My daughter really enjoyed doing the service and we have been back two more times since. It’s good knowing the work being done is effecting so many in need and the donations are going directly to those who need it most. I’m glad that we as a company can get behind efforts like these and give back whenever we can.”