It is difficult to express the feeling in my heart when I am volunteering. In my life, I have been truly blessed and always want to give back to others. Volunteering at St. Vincent food service in downtown Reno was such an eye opener for me; seeing so many people in need of a warm meal or just a smile accompanied by a hug. I was also excited to assist with the cooking in the kitchen—note I said assisting—chef I am not! I was truly humbled and grateful to serve on the food line because I got the opportunity to smile and be compassionate, serving with complete and unconditional love. Treating the important people as guests, not as a member of our society.

I also was honored to accompany a Guild group to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada where we worked to unpack, pack, sort and repack food for those in need. A great team building opportunity and although we did not get to serve the public directly, (my fav) it was special knowing that the food was going to help so many families in need.

Giving back is one of the many great reasons I am a Guild Girl.

Teresa Tonne
Loan Officer
Reno, NV