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The Southeast Region’s Tammy Frith and the Concourse Main have generously teamed up with RU 4 People. “RU4 is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We use every dollar given to us to passionately pursue unreached people groups with humanitarian aid.” One of their greatest and most endearing projects has been their work in Nepal.

“One thing we discovered there is 29.5 million people–beautiful land, beautiful people—but they’re struggling with dirty water. We’ve learned through working in Nepal for the past seven years that around 44,000 children a year are dying under the age of 5 years old from dirty water,” says Dwight Joy. “As an organization, we just realized that it doesn’t have to be that way.” It became a goal of theirs to purchase water filters, set them up for the family and even take them personally to the family’s home.

Frith and her team provided monetary donations that allowed the RU 4 People organization to purchase, build, and distribute 128 water filter systems for families in Nepal. Not only does their donation provide for clean water for these families, RU 4 People sent out their own team members to educate these families on hygiene.

Guild Mortgage Company is proud to foster a culture of giving. We are incredibly proud of Tammy Frith and the Concourse Main group for truly displaying this piece of our culture. This contribution is one of the greatest they could have given to these families, and we are greatly moved by their actions. If you would like to donate to RU 4 People, please visit their site at

RU4 People: The Water Project

Our friends at RU4 People left this afternoon on yet another trip to help provide the people of Nepal clean water. After learning that 44,000 children per year die from drinking dirty water, the amazing crew at RU4 People decided to step in and do what they can to help. For the past 7 years they having been making trips to Nepal and other countries to help save the lives of these children.We at Guild Mortgage are extremely honored to be part of this cause and have donated $2500/130 water filters to help the efforts of our friends at RU4 People.If you would like to donate to this very important cause please visit the RU4 website:

Posted by Guild Mortgage Company: Concourse Branches on Thursday, May 31, 2018