The Gilroy Garlic Festival shootings on July 28, 2019, deeply affected everyone at the Guild Mortgage Morgan Hill branch. More than half of the branch employees live in Gilroy, which is only 10 minutes away from their offices. Many Guild employees volunteer at the annual festival each year, which raises millions of dollars in scholarships and other worthy causes for the local community. Children, grandchildren and friends of Guild employees were at the Gilroy Garlic Festival when the shootings occurred. Thankfully none of them were physically hurt; although emotionally the Morgan Hill branch will forever be changed after this tragic event.

Immediately the Guild Mortgage Morgan Hill branch felt they needed to do something to help. The branch employees along with the Guild Giving Foundation, collectively raised $3,600 for the Gilroy Foundation. The donation was collected in less than a month, but will continue to grow. The branch has chosen the Gilroy Foundation to be their trusted resource to direct funds to those in need. 

“It warms our hearts to have such a giving team. It feels good to do something positive for the victims,” says Janene Towner-Chernoff, Guild Mortgage Morgan Hill Branch Manager.



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